Adult Social Media Info

SN123 has been incorporating digital and social media strategies into our marketing plans since 2009. This evolving channel of marketing is here to stay and it is imperative that companies address it as a valuable asset to their companies marketing strategies.

Digital and social media strategies are critical elements in the marketing plan for adult businesses. Social can create opportunities for adult businesses to market themselves at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing, Some of the social media areas we provide help in:

  • Strategy and Integration of plan into the Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Metrics
  • Social Media Monetization
  • Social Media promotions and contests
  • Facebook promotions and contests are built adhering to the Promotional Guidelines of Facebook
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Page Set-Up (including customized landing page)
  • Facebook Page Monitoring (including Facebook Monthly Analytic Reports)
  • Twitter Account Set-Up & Management