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Furface Fantasy

It all started one Friday when my friend, Kip, who I met a short
time ago, asked me to take care of his animals as he was going to
be out of town for over a week for the Christmas season. Kip left me
the key to his house so I could get in and said for me to make myself
at home.
Well friday came, so I got all bundled up and went over to make
sure everything was in order. your input here There were two dogs, Furface and
Nugget, and some tropical fish and a few gerbils. Now when I arrived,
Furface started jumping all over me as usual and Nugget because of her
age just beat her tail a few times to acknowledge my presence. Furface
calmed down a bit after I petted him and started sniffing my crotch. I
was already horny as can be and this was causing my prick to stiffen
up. He must have smelled cum and sweat through my jeans as I was
jacking off earlier and hadn’t taken a shower yet. This was too much
and I was alone with a horny labrador named Furface, so I pulled down
my fly and pulled out my hard cock. It was already damp with cum
because of how horny I was. Furface sniffed the scent and immediately
started licking my penis and balls and, in a few minutes, I shot my
load all over the place. Well I let him lick me for about ten more
minutes and then I stopped. I had a new experience and I thought that
that was it.
Later that night, after I got back home, I kept thinking of what I
had just done and I had to do something about it, so I jacked off.
Morning came and I went over to check the dogs again. I wasn’t really
thinking about what I had done and I wasn’t that horny as I walked
over. That all changed of course, as I went inside and got the greeting
I was so familiar with.
I took off my coat and two hooded sweatjackets that I had been
wearing (It was close to zero outside) and laid them on the floor.
My coat was spread out with the inside lining face up and the
sweatjackets were underneath to act as padding. Then I dropped my pants
and lay face down and started humping into the soft lining of my coat.
This is how I masturbate often when I am at home. Well I was really
working up a sweat when Furface started trying to mount me, but I was
too low to the floor for him to get a good grip on me. This was turning
me on so much that soon the entire inside of my coat was soaked with
Having relieved myself, I decided to give the dog his turn, so I
raised up on my knees with my ass in the air. Furface grabbed on
and started humping, but his hot, wet cock was going up my back instead
of in the hole, so I reached back and guided it in. His cock was
completely out of its sheath and pushing its way repeatedly into my
ass. I kept thrusting back to encourage him to go deeper and deeper
with his untiring throbbing motion. His front paws around my body
started getting tighter and his thrusts started getting longer and more
powerful, and I knew Furface was shooting his load into my craving
The throbbing died down and Furface pulled out still making humping
motions in the air. That’s when Furface, to my surprise, started
licking my asshole out. I don’t know what felt better, the fucking or
the licking as his long, juicy, warm tongue slid in, out and across my
ass. I was rock hard since he shot his load into me and was ready to go
again. I took my shoes off so I could get my pants the rest of the way
off. Actually, I had on a pair of sweatpants underneath a pair of
jeans. While doing this, Furface was licking the coat that I cummed on,
but I pushed him out of the way and assumed my position on the coat
once again, only this time I was fucking the soft fur lining on the
inside of my hood. I was wonderful, and the dog started licking my ass
again. It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum again. So much
came out that I couldn’t move for almost five minutes, while all this
time I was being licked all over by Furface. After recovering, I was so
horny that I didn’t think anything could satisfy me. I wanted to fuck
the dog, but didn’t want to hurt him. I had to find another way to
satisfy this tremendous urge. I got up and started to get dressed,
because Furface was coming home with me, tonight.
As I put on my coat, I noticed that it was soaked on the inside,
but the outside out it was still nice and dry. The smell of fresh
cum would keep me turned on for as long as I needed. I went into the
other room and took care of the other animals and got Furface’s leash
while I was at it. When we got home, I knew we would be able to do a
lot more without worrying about messing up my friends house. When we
arrived, I unleashed the dog and headed for the bedroom to prepare for
another fantasy to be fulfilled.
I have to tell you a little bit about how I live before going on.
First of all, I masturbate a lot, about two or three times a day,
on average. To me, masturbation is as much fun as having sex with
someone, and it’s always available when you need it. One of the most
satisfying ways that I’ve discovered is to lay face down and actually
fuck whatever it is that I want to fantasize about. Large, soft stuffed
animals are great and so are certain types of clothing. Well, I must
have over fifty hooded sweatjackets, which I will call hoods from now
on, and the sweatpants that go with them, tons of stuffed bears and
many thick plush winter coats.
I started by getting out a couple raincoats and put them on my bed,
which happens to be a full size bed. Next, I laid down a few hoods,
spreading them out flat, and a thick down coat with fur in its hood. I
took off all of my clothes, but I put the coat that I had been wearing
back on and hopped into the bed. Furface jumped into the bed with me
when I motioned to him. I had to take a really bad piss, so I let it
rip all over the coat and the hoods and I made sure to get the dog with
a little too. Using my own piss as lubrication, I fucked into my coat
hard and fast. Furface was licking me by this time, cleaning off any
piss, cum or sweat that he could get his mouth on. As I climaxed, I
lifted up to let it squirt all over and then went back down, exhausted.
The dog was trying to assume the humping position, so I turned over and
grabbed his dick and started squeezing it gently. The red tip of his
penis started to emerge from its sheath as it started to move back and
forth. I couldn’t resist this delicious looking piece of meat just
hanging there near my face, so I pulled it toward my mouth and put it
in. As I started sucking hard on that hot cock, Furface started some
real serious pumping. I could taste the salty cum that was slowly
oozing out into my mouth. The dog’s front paws were just above my head
and his back feet were on both sides of my neck. He was banging my face
hard by now and I knew it wouldn’t be long. All of the sudden his front
feet pulled down into my hair, as he took those long throbbing thrusts,
blowing his warm, juicy load into my mouth. Mmmm, was it good, as I
swallowed every savory drop!
His humping slowed down, but I was ready again so I started to turn
back over, and as I did I reached for my stuffed gorilla, so I could

give him a workout. My gorilla is 58 inches tall and I’ve fucked him
many times before. Furface was in the corner of the bed licking his
balls as I prepared to mount the gorilla. First, I pulled down his
pants, then I started fucking him on my already wet bed. When I came it
shot from the gorilla’s crotch up to its face and got all over the
underside of his nose, so I started licking it off. It didn’t taste
quite as good as Furface’s cum, but it was still quite good. After
this, I had to rest. Boy was this great — having uninhibited sex with
a nice big dog in my own bedroom. I don’t remember anything else that
night because I fell asleep.
chubby tits Morning came, and the dog was still in bed with me. When I woke,
Furface started licking my hand, so I reached up with the other one and
started tickling his balls. I didn’t think, before I had done this,
that I hadn’t taken him out yet, and he started pissing on me. It
startled me at first, but it felt warm and good on me as I started to
guide it towards my mouth. Just as I started to taste its warm salty
tang, Furface was finished. I quickly rewarded him by hugging and
petting him. This was great because my stuffed animal had taken most of
the piss and the rest was trickling down onto my coats. I’m glad that I
put the raincoats down first. I turned over and started fucking on my
now soaked gorilla, cumming once again up its chest and into its face.
After resting a while longer, I got up, took a shower and proceeded
to go take care of the other animals, but Furface stayed in my
house. Seven more days went by each better than the one before until I
decided to take the dog back home. On the last day that I went over, I
decided to make sure everything was in order and clean up a bit. It was
when I was looking for cleaning supplies that I found a magazine in the
bathroom. Of course, with my curiosity, I paged through it and some
pictures fell out. They were of Furface and my friend Kip having anal
sex together. Kip had more in common with me than I had thought, but
who took the pictures? I put everything back and cleaned up. To this
day, I never got up the guts to tell Kip what I did, and a chance to
have sex with his dog hasn’t happened since. Maybe someday.

Dan The College Impregnator 3

Dan was walking down a hallway at his college and he saw a poster of a pale strawberry blonde girl named Linda who was 21 years old. The sign was advertising for her re-election as the president of the student union. She posed beside a young studious black man named Leroy who was 20 years old who was the vice president of the student union and also looking to get re-elected. She also posed with a young fairskinned redhead named Trish who was the secretary for the student union who wanted to be re-elected as well. They all looked studious and nerdy. They all wore glasses. Dan went to seek out their office.

Dan stumbled upon it seeing Linda, Trish and Leroy all in the midst of having an intellectual conversation that to Dan came across as somewhat pompous and snooty sounding. Dan was immediately asked by Linda in an arrogant way why he was in their office.

Dan walked over to Leroy and hypnotised him with a marble and string and also Trish.

Linda looked bewildered and said, ‘What are you doing?’

Dan said, ‘This your day!!’

Dan ordered Trish and Leroy to grab her, take some rope in the corner of the room, and fasten her wrists over her head to a radiator. Leroy and Trish were then ordered to tie her ankles to the legs of a desk. Linda was not that strong and she demanded to be set free. Dan took pleasure in Linda’s struggling, but knew she would be barefoot and pregnant in the end.

Dan then whispered in Trishes ear and then Leroy’s.

Trish to a pair of scissors from a drawer and Linda’s eyes centred on it and said, “What are you doing with those…you are not going to cut off my clothes?”

Trish took the scissors and proceeded to cut Linda’s clothes off cutting her laces and taking her shoes off, she cut her stockings revealing pale legs and shapely pale pink soled feet. Linda gasped and looked shocked with each cutting movement of the scissors. Dan’s cock twitched and got hard…seeing this he wanted Leroy’s cum to claim her and make her pregnant. Dan glanced at Trish and wanted to claim her too with his own cum.

“What are you both doing?” Linda said with a shocked expression.
Her skirt was removed. Suddenly Leroy got nude and Linda looked wide-eyed as she looked over and saw him stroking his big black cock with his big balls bouncing with each stroke. Trish cut her panties off revealing a nice strawberry blonde bush. Her pussy was spread and licked by Trish. Linda gasped and said ‘ Stop it and stop it right now-oooHHHh AHHHHhhhHh!!!

Trish got nude revealing her nice pale body with big tits and slender build with a nice tight ass. Dan got nude and started to stroke his cock much to Linda’s horror.

All Linda had on was a black blazer and a black shirt underneath. sexy panty video Trish cut it all off and her bra revealing her perky tits with pink nipples.

Dan ordered Trish to lick her pussy and Leroy to pinch and lick her nipples.

Linda was about to protest but Dan put a ball gag around her face. Her whole face went red and she was overcome with powerful sensations through her body of her pussy being licked along with her sensitive nipples being licked. Linda started to moan and Leroy was ordered to stick his hard cock in Linda. Dan rubbed his hard cock fast as he looked at this black man penetrate this young pale fairskinned woman. Linda watched and loudly moaned as Leroy insert his big fat cock head through her pussy lips and pushed deep in her cunt. Leroy put his large cock deep within her pussy stretch her lips and impaling her sending shockwaves of pleasure that would be undeniable to Linda his balls resting outside her pussy. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head as Leroy caressed her nipples and proceeded to do the in and out slowly and then rapidly.

“That’s it Leroy give her your big black cock and pump her pale body with it-she wants your black seed!!!” cried Dan.

Then Dan watched Leroy and Linda fucking while Dan inserted his cock behind Trish and fucked her doggy style.

Dan was soooooo horny watching the interracial sex of a black guy he took his tension out on Trish by grabbing her ass and pumping her fast slapping her ass as he went in and out.

Dan was giving Trish short rapid strokes of her clit. He squeezed her pale ass and slapped it. He felt the tits swaying beneath back and forth and gripped Trish’s fairskinned freckled body hard as he jizzed all his cum deep inside her impregnating her with his hot sticky cum.

Leroy was pumping Linda fast and had her ankles on his shoulders her feet pointing up in the air. He then put her legs down, she had ceased to resist, Leroy fucked her from the side while putting her on her side pumping her fast in her slit. Linda looked defeated, her hands behind her back, and pale nude body totally exposed. Leroy fucked her fast and she gasped under the ball and gag. Leroy then ejaculated with a loud moan and a moaning sound from Linda who was receiving a load of potent black cum inside coating her pussy. It made Dan increasingly horny seeing Linda’s pale body dominated by Leroy and his black cock and balls being victorious claiming Linda with its black seed.

Dan then hypnotised Linda. Dan sat Trish and Linda in front of him nude and told them to keep their pregnancies. He told them to show off their bellies so everyone would know they were pregnant. Dan got Linda, Trish and Leroy to tongue kiss one another right there while they were all nude. Dan then told Leroy and the two young women to go outside.

Dan told Linda and Trish they would go out in the centre of the commons nude on all fours and while Leroy slapped both their asses they would yell out ‘Vote for us we are sluts and we love to be knocked up!!’

Dan watched with pleasure as people gathered watching these young election candidates make fools out of themselves in front of hundreds of witnesses. Dan got a rush knowing that these young women just got impregnated and were acting like exhibitionists for the whole college to see. you could look here It gave Dan great pleasure in the months to come to watch Trish and Linda’s bellies grow. It was a shock in the future especially for Linda’s parents and others to see in 9 months that her pale skinned body was claimed by black cum.

As for the elections, they were disqualified and Dan made a run to be elected. go to this website